CU Opens Pre-Clown Track

Career Services is proud to announce its latest pre professional track: Pre Clown! The Pre Clown program is designed to facilitate admission to the nation’s finest clown colleges by offering all the resources, advising, and networking opportunities possible.

“The origins of clowns are ancient, and we understand the historically difficult path of becoming one. We can offer specialists that can help in all parts of Clown School applications, including: fitting into a tiny car, makeup, navigating city storm sewers, and mastering that vaguely unsettling smile. The clown profession is a very rewarding yet taxing lifestyle, and we can help you find the right balance between work & life,” says Timbo Tumble, one of our top advisors with over 50 years of experience in the field.

Prerequisite Courses

Any and all majors are welcomed to the pre clown program (although the vast majority are theater or computer science majors). Required courses include: THTR 1492 Theatrical Makeup, CHEM 1111 Pie Baking, CHEM 1112 Pie Throwing, PSYC 1015 Inflicting Trauma. These courses are no joke!

Pre Clown advisors will work with you to help maximize your chances of admission. Our staff is highly qualified and their experience spans the entire professional world of clowns.

CU is finally acknowledging the clown profession with the respect it deserves by establishing the pre clown track, and we look forward to a future with more and more pre clown graduates!