Troubling Joe Biden Footage Released

Joe Biden has been in the news recently, not only due to the fact that he is running for the democratic nomination for the presidency, but also for another, more sinister reason which is no less troubling. Footage has arisen of Biden and his associates burying a stray dog alive on stage at a rally. It is chilling to say the least. The buried dog in the video has not yet been located, but authorities are still searching for the creature in hopes that it may still be alive. 

Biden’s actions at the rally have raised concerns about his regard for animal rights, and his common sense generally: what kind of politician would go about burying dogs on the campaign trail? Certainly, the incident has brought more negative press than anything to the current Democratic frontrunner. 

The heinous act perpetrated by Biden and his squad of goons also calls into question whether or not Biden’s stances on policy can be trusted. Further, Biden’s attempts to explain his actions in several press conferences since the incident have not panned out well- the democratic frontrunner leaked nonsense out of his old, decrepit mouth and was seemingly unable to form any coherent thoughts to explain his heartless crime. Some attendees of these press conferences even reported seeing a viscous, grey substance seep from Biden’s ear canals, raising serious concerns about the 77 year-old man’s health. The initial, shocking incident and the disastrous coverage that ensued certainly do not bode well for Biden’s ability to act with compassion and sense as President of the United States.