Geneva Convention Canceled Amid Coronavirus Concerns

With the increasing impact of COVID-19, it would be expected that large events and conventions such as Coachella and Comic Con would be cancelled or delayed; however, there is one convention to cancel somewhat unexpectedly: the Geneva Convention. Sophie Waffle, Prime Minister of Belgium, seemed understandably uneasy when asked to comment. “So help me god, if anyone uses us to get to France again”.

We also spoke to President Macron about his thoughts on the conversation: “Angela Merkel, who usually is a good friend, has been leaving me on read lately, and if she does reply, its only with the lightning emoji”

These are confusing times indeed for Macron because it is especially unusual for a woman his senior to leave him on read. “Don’t they know that it’s not an actual traditional convention?” Boris Johnson commented in a hoarser than usual tone of voice. The United States, Russia, and China all tell us the same, that this pretty much changes nothing for them, and they will continue business as usual.