Herman Cain’s Ghost Tweets Not To Worry About Coronavirus

In an eerie turn of events that could only occur in Spooktober of 2020, Hermain Cain’s twitter account has become active again, following his untimely demise in late July.

Mirroring the President’s sentiment after being discharged from Walter Reed, Herman Cain, now under the twitter handle “Herman the Friendly Ghost” tweeted the following:

“After my revolutionary $20,000,000 spectral liberation surgery, I feel better than I did 20 years ago! Don’t be afraid of COVID-19- Don’t let it dominate your life- or your afterlife”

Hours later, Herman Decayin’ took to twitter to clarify his previous tweet:

“If you catch it, just shell out for ghost surgery like me. Shedding your mortal coil has benefits far beyond immunity to COVID. If you can’t afford the spectral liberation surgery- well that’s not my problem”

Cain closes out this unprecedented trilogy of tweets with a note on his future in the Trump campaign:

“Spectral liberation is the best choice I’ve ever made. The Trump administration is paying me the big bucks to haunt Biden. I get a bonus every time he wets the bed. The old coot does that anyway! What a steal!”

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