President Kennedy Cancels Weekends to Halt COVID-19 Spread

In a surprising move, CU President Mark Kennedy announced that students will not have weekends for the spring semester. “Considering the cases in Boulder County and Colorado,” Kennedy shared, “we are taking preemptive steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.” The policy will begin in January.

On October 22, the assistant to the Important Administrator (aka “Dwight”) notified students that spring break in 2021 will be cancelled, citing concerns over students leaving campus and spreading the virus. Kennedy revised the notice today, sharing that classes for the spring semester will be scheduled every day.

The press release is included in full below:

Dear CU students,

We understand that this semester has been difficult. This spring will not be any better than the fall. It will be worse, but we as administrators will act like it will be business as usual while we hemorrhage your tuition dollars.

Considering incessant frat parties and an increase in COVID-19 cases, we are eliminating weekends as a community. This was a difficult decision and was not taken lightly. Beginning this spring, students will be required to take at least one class each day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. Weekend classes, like all classes, may not be taken pass/fail.

Our internal research has revealed that frat parties, social gatherings, and other vectors for COVID-19 spread typically take place on the weekend. By eliminating weekends with our partners at Boulder County Public Health and the City of Boulder, we expect to stop the virus once and for all.

No COVID-19 case has been recorded in a CU classroom: classrooms are one of the safest places in Boulder. By expanding classes to every day of the week, we will further protect our students from the virus as they will spend more time in massive, empty lecture halls.

We do not take this decision likely. Our COVID-19 task force has exhausted their entire arsenal of masks and “one way only” decals. Just like you, we are in a tough spot and we need to make tough decisions. Remember: weekends are a privilege and not a right.

Protect our herd,

Mark Kennedy

Student mental health, which has already been pushed to the edge this fall, is expected to fall right off the cliff in the spring. At the time of publishing, the Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) at Wardenberg website was not available. CAPS spokesman Arnold Bomstad reported a three-fold increase in counselling requests, most of which are related to the weekend cancellation.