America to Shift Genres Following Election

The 2020 election marks a significant shift in American cinematic appeal. As the entire world has been grossly entranced by US politics since the 2016 election, we all know that Trump’s presidency has been a truly unique experience. It was at times Game of Thrones-esque, like when we found out Trump paid Stormy Daniels hush money, it was educational, like when Don Jr. was finally potty trained (the American people are still so, so proud of you Don), but most of all the unpredictability (dementia?) set this administration apart from the rest.

We’ve seen the Trumps churn out plotlines that not even Hollywood could keep up with, but as American families near the end of these 4 years it’s clear that this volatility has proven to be too much. Trump offered an It’s Always Sunny comic relief,  and 75 million Americans have finally realized that’s pretty fucked up. Joe Biden and Kamala champion the opposite end of sitcom humor. The WOC and sleepy old white man dynamic (a model set forth by Community) is exactly what America has been waiting for. “Biden Falls Asleep at UN Meeting” “Local Truants Steal Jill’s Apple Pie from Windowsill” are the headlines that we deserve for the next 4 years.