Disney XD Sues Nickelodeon After Airing of F-Bomb During NFL Game

Disney XD, a more mature version of the Disney Channel marketed towards children ages 6-15, has sued Nickelodeon after an NFL broadcast in which a player dropped the F-bomb, uncensored. The lawsuit reportedly came after parents who watched the game with their children reported new and unusual uses of the “Fuck” word by the children after the on-air slip-up. “This broadcast clearly encroaches on the intellectual property of our channel,” said Hutch Dano, a spokesperson for Disney XD, after being asked to comment on the lawsuit. 

“Disney XD’s brand is all about being the cool older brother, both to Disney Channel and to our audience. Disney XD is Walt Disney’s eldest son who just got a skateboard for Christmas, and might show you how to ride it if you don’t tell Mom and Dad. He might even teach you some cuss words, but only if you’re cool about it.”

“Not only did Nick broadcast a totally sweet game of Football, they also may have taught their pre-teen viewers a new word. Every kid who heard the F-word used for the first time from Nickelodeon is a dollar stolen straight from the pockets of Walt Disney, and we will not stand for it.”

“If need be, we will take this litigation to the utmost extent — Disney XD is not afraid to tell Mom that Nickelodeon used the F-word.”