CU Student Spends Mental Health Day Studying Against Order of School

The administration at CU Boulder, our benevolent rulers, are so kind and giving for giving us a single day off for mental health. Some students have not been grateful during this bountiful time of rest, however. It seems that certain students are spending this day studying! This is truly disrespectful to our great administration; Mark Kennedy and Phil DiStefano have only given to the community here at CU. Some dissenters among us will argue that this is not sufficient, as our spring break was “taken away” and “one day is not enough to properly recover mentally from the stress of life at a university, especially now that we spend most of our time isolated and do not have proper facilities to help us with stress”. Do not listen to these fools who believe that Mental Health is not something that a day off can solve, and that there needs to be more steps taken by the university to show that they care, because right now all we have is a few empty emails that only show how out of touch the wealthy admins are to the student body. These are all lies from students who would rather study for the midterm they have the next day, which they cannot risk doing poorly on because they are paying out of state tuition and their scholarship depends on it. Instead, we students should be taking the gift from our administrators and using the time to… clean or something? Maybe meditate if you know how? I don’t know, but that’s not the point — the point is that we shouldn’t be so hard on our great not at all out of touch or despotic admins, they are also stressed, think about all they dont have anymore, like dinner parties, large fundraising events that they drunk drive to there large estates after. You see, they are just like you and I, comrade, so take this mental health day as a gift and not as a clear way to pretend they care about the mental health of students and faculty while actually accomplishing nothing.

Sincerely, Your fellow student (definitely not a Public Relations rep for the CU administration)