Koelbel Voted Most Likely Building to Catch COVID-19 for the Second Year In a Row

In an annual poll of a representative sample of CU Boulder students, Koelbel once again took top place for the covid-19 spread on CU’s campus. Koelbel fiercely competed for the top place with the new Rustandy building. Dan Fransisco, a spokesperson for Leeds, sat down with Earth Muffins about the new prize: “We’re really proud of this award here at Leeds. As a top-twenty business school in the nation, we’re always searching for new ways to differentiate our school and our brand. This is a critical accolade for Leeds as a top school.”

Gary DiAngelo, a business student with a third-year marketing concentration, also spoke with Earth Muffins about the prize: “Leeds never gave us a mod about wearing masks, so we still haven’t figured that one out. It’s a pretty complicated maneuver, you know? Like, we have to take it off and put it back on when we’re inside and then make sure that it’s over our nose and our mouth…it’s a lot to keep track of as a business major.”

When Earth Muffins asked for a comment, Jonathan Jacobs JHS, a Finance sophomore, seemed confused and asked, “What’s the coronavirus?” Upon further reflection, Jonathan remembered, recalling, “Ooooh, that’s what my meemaw died from in May.” Johnathan had nothing else to share with Earth Muffins.