Daily Trip to Favorite Bathroom Only Thing Holding Man Together

We all have our moments through the day that keep us going, be it seeing the smile of a child, hearing from a loved one, or eating a delicious meal. For those of us without much to look forward to, however, we tend to cling to whatever small pleasures we’re able to squeeze out of this brutal invention we call human life. 

University of Colorado student Colson Baker, for one, enjoys his daily trip to the restroom.

“Yeah, it’s actually pretty important to me” Baker stated, “There’s a single toilet bathroom with a lock in the basement of the Atlas building. It’s always kept clean too. Really primo stuff. I’m honestly not sure if I would still be alive today without it. Having fifteen minutes to myself in there allows me to do whatever I need to do. Cry, stare at myself in the mirror, push out a particularly volcanic mud pie in peace, it’s really centering.”

When asked if he thinks he could make it through the impending maintenance and resulting closure of said bathroom, Baker only stared into the middle distance and shed a single tear.