Gamer Guide: Sites of Grace Locations in Boulder

Elden Ring has now sold more than 12 million copies since it was released, and chances are either you’re playing it or you know somebody who is. Whether it be your roommate Tyler who has never played a video game game that isn’t Madden before and is now waking you up at 3 A.M the night before your Scandinavian Macroeconomics exam bellowing with rage at the sheer unfairness of Margit the Fell Omen, or your boyfriend mysteriously disappearing on the night of February 24 and returning 16 days later claiming to have experienced a fugue state in which he wandered through the forest alone for weeks, Elden Ring has touched all our lives. 

What you might not know, however, is that this fantastic game seems to have had a subtle, strange creep into the fabric of our very reality. You know the feeling where you’re walking home after a night of drunken shenanigans, all the way across the town, it’s cold out, you’re so hungry……and there it is, in its shining glory. Illegal Pete’s. The way the light shines out into the night from inside, it’s almost as if you can see the grace guiding you inside, towards the burritos…

This is no coincidence. There are Sites of Grace in our very own town of Boulder, Colorado.

Pearl Street Pub & Cellar

Not too far from the halls of CU Boulder and the hubbub of the Hill lies a refuge for the weary soul seeking a cold drink and a warm atmosphere. A true Roundtable Hold with a golden glow of grace. Full of familiar and friendly faces; a mixing pot for the people of the city where you can join with your friends and foes alike and come together over a drink and a meal. 

Illegal Pete’s

Located right at the center of University Hill, Illegal Pete’s is a beacon in the night for drunken Tarnished (CU students) wandering the streets in search of a filling meal and a crisp concoction. Come here with a group of trusted compatriots and enjoy a moment of respite.

Bova’s Market and Grill

Bova’s once stood as a glorious and shining nexus of grace on the Hill: heaping, satisfying gyros, fries, all the rolling papers and juul pods you could ask for, and all the essentials of snacks, beverages, and even cleaning. Sadly, Bova’s grace was lost; its small, busy heart shattered to pieces. In your travels, perhaps you can still find the wandering, misplaced man who will make you a Mediterranean wrap for a price.

The Tunnels 

Hidden beneath the sidewalks and walkways of CU Boulder lies a network of tunnels. They open into dorms, pop up into the sidewalks, and wind deep underground. Locked to the public, but maybe you’ll meet a man who says he has the key. Would you follow him? Somewhere deep in the heart of the web of passages lies a lost grace, a place of rest. No distractions, no obligations,no responsibilities, minimal asbestos, and the cold, impartial walls that watch you sit quietly and sip at your flask. Can you find it?

Your buddy with the juul’s place

Sometimes all you need is a fat rip off your buddy Zeke’s juul who always carries around a stick with a fresh pod on it to get you through the night. You can practically see the golden grace pouring out of his pocket.

Spruce Confections

Tucked away far on the West end of Pearl Street lies an unassuming bakery filled with breakfast burritos, delicious sweets, and invigorating stimulants. A lovely nook that can provide you with all the necessary fuel for your adventures, if you can find it.

Norlin Library

Located on CU campus, Norlin Library is a site of grace for the burgeoning scholar and the wise sage alike. A vast collection of volumes ripe with knowledge and free to take. Study great tomes deep in the endless stacks of books, learning the secrets of our world. Note too the common area, where students and scholars can philosophize and debate while enjoying a nice bagel.

Farrand skater area 

If you feel more akin to the gritty warrior than the noble scholar, perhaps the car lot outside Baker Hall on campus is the place for you. A meeting place for those who like to throw their bodies around on wheeled devices, stalwart to their cause in the face of injury and ridicule, this site of grace is fit for a young Tarnished looking to prove their pluck and mettle.

Village Coffee Shop

A traditional diner serving eggs, potatoes, meat, and bean essence, which is known to enhance endurance at the cost of gastrointestinal distress. A hot, full meal for those recovering from a night of drinking brews or those looking to dwell in the days of old for a time. 

Sundown Saloon

The Sundown Saloon, aptly called the Downer. A site of grace, but deep underground, in the veritable catacombs of Boulder. You may feel the draw of grace as you envision the cold ale and lively atmosphere, but get ready to defend yourself against drunken members of Hellenic brotherhoods, unwanted sexual advances, and the overwhelming urge to vomit on the floor. Ask for a Jagerbomb if you wish to see things which no man has seen.