I love construction

Heading down to school each morning

I’m met with my favorite thing,


It slows traffic to a crawl 

Making the buses fit tightly between little cars

People waiting to cross the busy road

Without being hit

Trust me when I say 

I love construction

It makes me late for class

It makes my morning so…


Rushing and rushing to get onto a bus

That will find its way into a traffic jam

Now don’t even get me started on the noise

I love waking up to jackhammers

The noise is like my alarm

So loud and annoying- you can’t ever turn it off!

The hammers on the stone make my ears hurt

But I will forever love the sound now

I love how they do construction 

On densely used roads

Closing off much-needed street access 

Making my life so…


Trust me,

I love construction

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