The Ghosts of Libby Basement

There is someone down here. I just know it.

You see I live in Libby Basement. It sucks. The late nights with teens who think they are sneaky and the RA’s who use their patrol time to make out. I try to stay out of their way. I just want to sleep. But no matter how many times I pause the freshman’s movies, slam their heads into the display case, or even flick the light ominously in the background, they never leave.

It is strange, I’m paying out of state to be here, yet I live in a basement. I wasn’t supposed to have a roommate, and here I am stuck with a ghost problem. There’s Timmy and Carol, a lovely old couple, just floatin’ around, I don’t even notice them unless they’re banging– they bang loud. Charlie and Dom are also there, twin brothers who failed out of school and life after a ski accident, they were bros till the end. Nina was a super sweet nutrition major, but she keeps jumping every time she sees Ralphie. How could you not love Ralphie! But there is one more ghost that I haven’t pinned down yet. It frequently shatters my mirror, sprays me in the shower, and makes my homework disappear. So today is the day. I will catch this ghost.

I was trying really hard not to be seen. Not because it’s funny (it is) but because the man who moved in was weird. Like, really weird. He looked at the others with a strange interest, like he wanted something other than our souls, but never talked to us. Something was off, apparently, he was a computer science major so maybe it was just that. He reeked of coffee and energy drinks, and sometimes he ran into walls… I thought all of us could go through them. I’ve tried to get him to leave the basement, (like, seriously, get a room). He brought friends down frequently and they were annoying, and loud, and continued to play the piano even though none of them know how to play. I am done. This is my basement. So I took action into my own hands.

It was time. Both set off into the darkness of the Libby basement. Noise complaints were filed all night but the doors were locked tight. The ghosts were at it again…

Fuckin Ghosts, am I right?

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