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The Professor Lives!

It was a normal morning for Richard Numbers, a measly biochem major. Two classes down by 11:00 am and off to the arguably worst lecture of his day– Organic Chemistry for majors. Normally, his professor is already in the room trying and failing to get his technology to work. But today as the door creaked… Continue reading The Professor Lives!

CIRES Directors Declare Global Warming a “Crock of Shit”

CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder, was founded in 1967 and, according to Earth Muffins’ science reporter (in other words, ChatGPT) it “is a leading research institute dedicated to advancing our understanding of the environment and developing solutions to environmental challenges facing society.”  For decades, researchers… Continue reading CIRES Directors Declare Global Warming a “Crock of Shit”

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